DD Broker Srl has been created to offer an innovative service insurance brokerage, far from the common professionalism of the industry and closer to the real needs of the customer. The decision to become a sectorial Broker and to specialize, through studies and ongoing professional training, in the insurance branch of the sureties, makes us a benchmark in the market for both the industry and for the end customer. The constant exploration and research of quality insurance solutions has led us to establish cooperations and to acquire mandates with major Italian and foreign companies authorized in surety. Our competitive advantage is the market knowledge and the ability to identify the best product to meet the needs of each customer.

Our strength lies in a team of experts made up of brokers, agents and employees, thanks to whom DD Broker Srl is able to follow step by step the customer in its request; our team provide the customer with a comprehensive service composed of pre-sales consultation, practical assessment, data collection and processing, provision of the guarantee and continuous support until the end of the mandate.

Compared to other players in the surety industry we have a widespread presence throughout the country and we are especially proud of our higher standards in terms of conditions and market rates: valuable tools for both insurance intermediaries and for direct customers looking for a strategic partner. Dealing with us means to have an available and attentive contact person, who works in the exclusive interest of the customer. DD Broker helps you grow and transform your ideas into projects up to expectations.